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Pierre Bourdieu : Economic Models against Economism

Frédéric Lebaron

The use of economic analogies by Bourdieu has often been the object of much criticsm. For some scholars, it reveals an “economistic” vision of the social world too much inspired by neoclassical economics. For others, it is a kind of mechanical metaphor transposed to cultural phenomena in a determinist way, as in the holistic (Marxist) tradition. In order to understand this usage and to refute these contradictory criticisms, we return to and focus on the very first occurrences in the 1958-1966 period – the focus of our paper - of what Bourdieu would call a “general economy of practices” in his book "Esquisse d’une théorie de la pratique". -  Pierre Bourdieu : Economic Models against Economism1 Frédéric Lebaron

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